Read This, If You Want To Make a Girl Fall In Love With You 😍!

By Richard Stephen


Women love attention. It is one of the most valuable thing because it has to do with your time, that’s why when you give that to a girl they can go all their way to fall in love with you.

You must pay attention to a girl if you really want her love, you have to study and understand her emotions.


Intimacy should not only be about sex. You should learn to share some intimate details about yourself, details not too many people know, something special to you, they will make them feel special too.

When they know you have told them a valuable secret, they get drawn in.

It builds trust and confidence, for a girl to love you, she must trust you first.


Girls love to laugh and laughter really works. Girls love funny people who make them laugh, you must not be funny, but you can try to throw jokes here or there once in a while, if you are consistent in doing that, you will find a place in her heart.


Aim to be friends with them. It’s easier to get a friend to fall in love with you, with them you can tell jokes, do crazy stuff and not be embarrassed, It can be long term or short term but just be generally cool with them.


Be up and doing.

Women don’t love lazy people or people who settle for less. Get a job or start a business, take care of yourself, eat healthy, dress fine and make yourself attractive, then the girl you are wooing will fall head over heels for you.

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