Scammers Suffer a Big Blow From Katie Price

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Katie Price slams hard at scammers who dubiously misled her fans into investing and sponsoring a marketing agency she knows nothing about.

The 43years old model took to her social media page to refute the falsely claim of the agency that she’ll be attending an upcoming event. She furiously hit the agency and the cohorts behind such claim and warned against false information aimed at duping her fans.

In her Instagram story, she wrote: “Announcement concerning the summer soiree event at Kraft, Dalston on the 10th August. I have no involvement in this event and I have never be contracted to be involved…I will not be at the opening and won’t be attending.” She vehemently shun fans to debunk such information.

Well, this won’t be the first time scammers would be doing stuff like that. This not only dents the image of celebrities when they end up not showing up at such events, it equally leaves fans disappointed.

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