Script writing tips 3: Understand your story

By Vera C Uzokwe

In line with our second tips, it’s very important to understand your story in the sense of how it evolves.

Having a clear understanding of the beginning, the middle, and the end of your story, helps you write effortlessly.

Personally, I had tried to start out a script without having a clear idea of how it ends, and I found out that I barely “started out”. But once I drafted the beginning, the middle and the end, it was easier for my creative muse to get to work.

So, before you even get to the stage of outlining your scenes, be sure to know how your story evolves, that way you don’t stop half way in doing the outline.

However, I need to mention that having a clear map out of the beginning, middle and end does not necessarily mean that the plot can’t change as you eventually start writing. But whatever changes that come, is likely to come from the original story you created. You only make it better.

In summary, before you get down to scripting, understand your story, and how it evolves.

Happy scripting! 😊

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