Actress, Bibi Bright, Recounts How She Almost Lost Her Life

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright, sharing a picture on her Instagram page, has recounted through how she almost lost her life some months ago.

She wrote:

“Looking through my drive and I came across this pic from 2014. This would have been my last picture taken because just 4hrs later I survived what would have been a gunshot to the head by just a few inches,” “my then-boyfriend picked me up from work and before I got into his car, my uncle’s pastor, Pastor King who had just arrived from Dubai decided to just say a prayer for me before I left… if not anything I remember the line ‘you will not die before your time”. “He jokingly pointed the gun to my head and I remember shouting that he should take it away from my head that I don’t trust my house people, he kept laughing at how am scared of guns, he took the bullet case out and pointed it at my head again, I kept telling him to please take it away from my head then He said “don’t worry it has no bullet in it, see, then the gun went off !! Just a few inches from my ear.! Apparently a bullet moved up before he moved the bullet case!” She recounts.
“I remember screaming loud, don’t think I have ever screamed that loud again in my life but I could not even hear myself scream because my ear was deaf from the sound of the gun.”

After what happened, she also said: “his friends rushed to the room screaming wondering why the gun had gone off. I sat on the floor and WEPT!! I remember He was also crying but at that point, I didn’t care what he was feeling because all that was playing in my head was the pastor’s prayer for me…

Well, that was a lucky miss. God be praised for her life.

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