“I can’t respect you because you lack respect for your husband” – 2Face Idibia’s brother to Annie’s

Charles, 2face idibia’s younger brother, will not let go on the issues concerning his brother’s wife , Annie and her recent social media outbursts.

Through his recent posts shared via his Instagram page on today, Saturday, September 4, 2021, he accused the actress of embarassing the music legend in the public severally.

“Even though I have been nothing but respectful to you…you can’t actually be demanding respect from me anymore when you have none for your husband or any for members of his family, his friends, or his staff,”

“You publicly humiliate him every chance you get, from pouring him food at my wedding to throwing a bottle of hennesy at workplace work place, (sic) or shouting at him at the top of your lungs in front of his celebrity friends or acquaintances…fights at the airport …just to mention a few.”he wrote.

He also made references to times when Annie has prevented her mother-in-law access into the son’s house.

“Or is it you asking your maids to lock the doors and send the keys to you in South Africa even though you knew your mum-in-law was in the house visiting her son and grandkids from Abuja, and out of respect for herself she came to stay at my house …what was her crime?”

He went on to debunk the allegations against him of milk drying his brother. “You are quick to shout and mention 7kids and your husband being sulked dry, but you filled your household up with 4maids, 2. P.A’s, a live-in mum, a live-in cousin, and a brother at the annex …all to take care of your 2daughters …the other kids are far away,”

“But somehow it’s singular me who visits once in a blue moon from my house in Festac that’s the problem ?…which In-laws haven’t been giving you space in your house…pls tell me? You think when I sit to chat with inno, which we rarely do …it will always be to talk about money ?…that’s all you think we share as brothers?” He wrote

Will this drama end?

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