Tottenham manger, Nuno backs Kane, insists goalless league start is about the team not one player

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Speculations of different kinds have arisen against Harry Kane’s after the Tottenham and Chelsea’s clash over the weekend.

Kane’s start this season indeed, hasn’t been the best. He has now had three league starts, has had less touches inside the box this season than Chelsea and Liverpool defenders Marcos Alonso and Joel Matip. Fans have therefore criticised his performance.

Tottenham’s manager Nuno Espirito Santo has subsequently taken it upon himself to defend his best striker. This was after Kane has had limited impact for Spurs since returning to the line-up in the league after regaining match fitness along with his drawn-out transfer saga with Manchester City.

While addressing issues concerning the club , especially Kane’s criticisms, Nuno said:
“No, the realisation that we are not able to build enough situations is the problem that we have,” Nuno told reporters. “All individual situations that happen with the players – touches, actions – are a product of the team.

“[In the] previous game, Harry started on the left, really high and things went good. Unfortunately we were not able to score. We had chances to do so.

“The way we are working is to find solutions, try to reinvent, recreate situations which can improve our football and our game and Harry is part of the team. It’s the partnerships, the complicity, the way we do things, everyone has to be involved.”

“I would like to see all our players. If I can put our players, six, seven in the box is where games are decided, I will do so.”

He further avoided the question of Kane being fraustrated as a result of not moving to Manchester City, “That’s the past,” he said. “Nothing that we can say or do now or in the future will change the past. What we have to do with the past is put it behind our heads and focus in the present.”

We are aware that we have problems we have to improve on,” Nuno said. “The energy is exactly the same.

“Of course when things are well, you smile, you’re happy. This is life. But my energy? It’s always the same.” he concluded.