Rick Jones Fingerbobs presenter from 70s TV show is dead

By Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Rick Jones, kid’s TV presenter is reportedly dead at 84.

Jone was a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

He had been a sidekick and friend to Bruce Banner / Hulk, Steve Rogers / Captain America, Mar-Vell / Captain Marvel, Rom the Spaceknight, and Genis-Vell / Captain Marvel.

Friends and fans have been paying tributes to the star who was known for appearing on a number of hit BBC children’s shows during the 1970s.

Jones as a “huge creative spirit” “I’m very sad to report that Rick Jones, aka Yoffy from Fingerbobs has passed away aged 84.” Author and illustrator Garry Vaux wrote

“I initially interviewed him for my book many years ago and we stayed in touch.

“He was a huge creative spirit, a talented musician and a lover of life. I shall miss him greatly.”

“That is sad news. Loved Fingerbobs as a kid. And discovered (fairly recently) he recorded the theme tune to another programme I liked called Aeronauts. RIP. Thanks for the happiness.” a fan tweeted.

“Fingerbob was my all time favourite TV show. It taught me many things most of which I’ve forgotten apart from how to raise water levels using pebbles. May he rest in peace.”another commented.

A third wrote: “So sad… Fingerbobs was one of a few shows from my childhood that I loved to watch. His skill of giving life to pieces of curled up paper was pure magic.”

“Very sad news about someone I remember well when I was growing up from Fingerbobs and Play School. I’ve just discovered that ‘Fingerbobs’ the album is available from a lot of music streaming services,” another lamented.

Jone was also an active participant in many significant Marvel Universe story lines including the Kree-Skrull War and the Destiny War. He later acquired powers, causing his learning capabilities to be greatly increased.

He decided to direct his new ability towards communications technology, and ended up becoming a hacktivist known as the Whisperer.