Dakota Johnson calls out Mom Melanie Griffith for posting her photos online without her consent.

Chidalu Obiajulu

American Actress Dakota Johnson is used to having her pictures taken and shared, but definitely not as far as her baby pictures being seen in public.

Although the 32-year-old actress has an official Instagram account, she confirmed on Jan. 19 during the episode of The Late Show With James Corden, that she isn’t active on social media.

Unfortunately her parents love Instagram and sometimes her throwback pics ends up on social media via Instagram, thanks to her mom.

When the Tv show host James Corden asked Dakota if she liked them posting her photos, she responded, “I don’t like it, but I also don’t go on social media, so I don’t find out about it until it’s really baked into the internet and somebody will send it to me”

The American female actress added, “I become like a 12-year-old and I’m like, ‘Mom, you can’t do that. We’ve had this conversation so many times!’ But she doesn’t care.”

The actress also recalled how her mom always goes miles to embarrass her in public, before social media became a thing.

The Lost Daughtermovie star also had to explain “how she always hid from her childhood crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, for been shy and sometimes ugly.”