Dawn French embraced natural grey hair as she ‘couldn’t be bothered’ with upkeep

After battling with DIY hairdressing during lockdown, the Vicar of Dibley star decided against attempting to maintain her dark dyed bob and chopped it off to reveal her glorious natural greys.

“I just couldn’t be bothered to keep doing it,” says the low-maintenance star. “So I let my natural grey come through.

“I also cut some of it myself – to my hairdresser’s alarm! It’s much shorter than I’m used to now and I do have certain ‘Grrr’ moments when I don’t know how to style it – I would literally give my old hair 13 minutes of my time each day.”

Dawn, 64, whose upcoming tour is titled Dawn French Is A Huge T***, plans to return to her famously sleek hairdo, but au naturel.

She told Good Housekeeping mag: “The plan is to grow it again. I’m curious to see what the bob might look like with a good strong grey.”

Of all the things a married person can do behind their spouse’s back, Amanda Holden ’s tendency is probably quite welcome for husband Chris Hughes.

“I’ve redecorated the house when Chris went on business trips,” the Heart presenter says proudly.

“I ripped out a bathroom, I’ve put new tiles on the wall… because he says no to everything, he doesn’t want the aggro. Then he comes home and he’ll go, ‘You’ve done a great job.’”

The couple wore matching light coloured suits for the Fendi fashion show at Milan Fashion Week.

Good luck to them if they ordered a nice Italian spag bol for dinner.