Why get “wasted” while solving your problems?

The night draws close to the day…soon it will be the 1ST day of the LAST month of the year 2022!

You know, as good as one’s life may be, problems inevitably, call once in a while, if not more often.

Permit me to share with you, an invaluable lesson I learnt this 2022. This lesson has made my life PEACEFUL! And I just can’t keep it to myself…😊

I used to get worked up about issues…i would stay up late worrying about problems…but that didn’t get the problems solved, and that’s because “worrying” is quite different from “thinking up solutions” . Worrying made my life difficult, yet the problems never got solved by my worries.

But, someone very close to me (unknowingly to them), taught me this lesson by the way they live and handle issues. And that is that:

When problems appear, Keep your cool, relax, and think of solutions.
If at the moment you can’t think of any solutions, let it be, go away, and then try again. But…NEVER WORRY OR GET DISORIENTED. You will never be able to get any good results in that state.

Depending on how you handle your problems, you may come out of them joyful or destroyed.

Problems hardly mess you up, ITS YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE PROBLEMS THAT MEASS YOU UP. (From yours truly, Chinenye Vera)

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